Reducing reoffending


Reducing reoffending

A wide range of training is available across the prison, which provides learning and skills in a range of activities covering literacy, numeracy and IT as well as vocational training in a range of trades within industrial workshops. High quality training that enables the prisoner to do their job effectively and also recognises and accredits the skills that they have learnt and developed is a crucial component part of the working prison model.

Finance, Benefit and Debt

Equipping women with the skills to manage their finances is essential to reducing their risk of reoffending. Women are usually primary carers, it is therefore important that they are able to budget their household bills to reduce the number of children living in poverty and enable them to support themselves.

Mental and Physical Health

Mental and physical health is essential to the well-being of women. We are committed to provide holistic care, that has the individual at the centre, in a professional and caring environment.

Children, Families and Relationships

Women receive less visits than men and receive less support from partners. However, maintaining relationships assist women to resettle and provide support upon release. Women are usually the primary carer for their children and it is important for them to maintain that bond whilst they are in custody.

Education, Training and Employment

Education and employment are key to improving the employability of the women in our care. Government statistics show that there are poor levels of reading, writing and numeracy skills excluding up to 80% of offenders from 96% of jobs. We are committed to providing education and training to all women that fits their individual academic and training needs.

Drugs and Alcohol

More than 55% of women have a substance misuse need. We have a wide range of services to provide support, intervention and programmes to enable women to fight their addiction needs.

Attitudes, Thinking and Behaviour

We are committed to transforming the lives of women by giving them the opportunity to build their self-confidence and esteem. This is done through positive pro-social modelling and effective interventions to reduce their risk to themselves and the public upon release.

Domestic Abuse and Sex Work

One in four women experience domestic abuse annually in the UK. In a recent needs analysis of the women at HMP/YOI Bronzefield 56% of women reported that they had been a victim of domestic abuse in the past. 57% of women surveyed also reported that they had worked in the sex industry and wanted to leave. We offer the support these women require to address their specific needs.

Learning & Skills

Our Learning and Skills department is at the heart of the prison.We employ 12 tutors and specialist staff to ensure our women are fully assessed on arrival to understand their education level and their skill requirements.All residents are encouraged to study or work while at Bronzefield in order to achieve qualifications prior to release, which will enable them to gain employment and reduce the likelihood of them returning to prison.

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Our successes

- We have above average success rates in functional skills English and Maths courses. 

- We ensure our foreign national women are placed on courses to learn English as a second language in order to help them navigate life both inside and outside of prison. 

- Our women have won awards for their achievements in catering and the arts .

- We work with external employers as well as within the wider Sodexo group to provide opportunities for Release on Temporary License. These opportunities have resulted in permanent employment for our women once released from prison. 

- We are working with Royal Holloway University to provide a ‘Learning Together’ programme whereby our women study modules alongside students from Royal Holloway.

Secretary of State for Justice says we're 'leading the way'

Upon visiting HMP & YOI Bronzefield the former Secretary of State for Justice remarked;

“HMP Bronzefield is leading the way in responding to local market needs by putting an end to the now defunct textile workshop, and instead giving prisoners barista work, training and qualifications.  We want all of our prisons to follow suit…”

Public Service Pledge

Our Public Service Pledge is a set of strategic and ethical commitments that we are making to our customers, employees and communities. The pledge demonstrates our commitment to social value and public service ethos and it is based on our ethical principles of transparency, business integrity and respect for our people.

Starting Fresh

Sodexo is committed to proactively recruiting skilled and qualified people with criminal convictions through our campaign, Starting Fresh.
We have committed delivering positive Social Impact  and filling 5% of our own appropriate job opportunities with people with criminal convictions. As a Ban the Box employer, we don’t ask about criminal convictions at the application stage unless we statutorily have to, such as when safeguarding measures need to be considered. 
The Starting Fresh campaign also encourages and provides guidance to other businesses on how they can proactively hire people with criminal convictions, removing perceived barriers and concerns.
Visit our online hub where you will find resources and support, plus case studies of the impact Starting Fresh has had on the companies and individuals involved.
You can also contact us for help getting started on your Starting Fresh journey – whether you want to visit a prison to see skills training in action, organise an employer day to explore recruitment opportunities, or even just ask a question not addressed in our FAQ.